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My name is Louise and, as you’ll no doubt have realised already, I am not your typical football tipster.

I am a woman, clearly. I am a working mother of two and a maths graduate. When it comes to professing any specific football expertise, if you are waiting for a breakdown of the offside rules, from me, then you could be waiting a while.

What I can offer though is something that many so-called experts don’t have – a genuinely mathematical mind, and a university degree to prove it.

My profitable betting, which I now share with my subscribers, takes advantage of the maths-based match analysis methods I have developed for use in football goals betting markets such as Over and Under 2.5 match goals. These are popular markets where I can demonstrate a long term edge.

Over 2.5 Goals Methodology Results

Betting, of course, is always a work in progress and my methods are always open to refinement. Since November 2011, the Over 2.5 goals Methodology selections you will recieve as a client has produced a 57% strike rate at average odds of 1.92 over 629+ bets. On that basis, you could expect to see a steady ROI that could be expected to sit between 8%-10% looking ahead.

These over 2.5 goals bets (I no longer bet under 2.5 goals markets or other goals markets) have the additional advantage of having relatively short losing runs and draw downs of betting capital and also the potential for higher stakes as this over goals market probably enjoys the greatest liquidity per match after the traditional 1x2 and dominant Asian Handicap line in each case.

Client feedback indicates that with all selections focussed on over 2.5 goals the service is simple and straight forward to use.

My Betting Journey

In terms of my own betting journey, I grew up in a typical north east family, where the interest in betting was provided by the men of the household, my dad and brothers. My own interest in betting really crystallised in 2009 when a few fun bets paved the way for a lucrative second income while I was studying for my maths degree. My research quickly uncovered a quirk in the bookmakers’ goals pricing that I have been exploiting ever since. And having funded my studies through a lucrative betting hobby my work is now on a professional footing and being offered to you for the first time. As an additional level of assurance my results are both proofed and verified by several leading tipster monitors.

Why Bet On Goals?

Most of you will be well aware of betting on the outcome of football matches – the classic home win, draw or away win advertised on the bookmakers’ fixed odds coupon every week. However there are a number of key advantages associated with betting on the number of goals in a game instead.

Firstly, you only have two outcomes to deal with: your selections either win or lose depending on the number of goals scored in the game. If you have bet over 2.5 goals in a game (that is three goals or more to win your bet) there are no last minute equalisers to confound you as there regularly are when you back a conventional win bet.

Also, this is a strictly binary proposition – win or lose – and once you have won, by achieving your objective of the required goals in the match you've selected, you’ve won. There is no opportunity for victory to be snatched from you as your team’s opponents rally and come back to win the game after falling behind.

Secondly, it does not matter who scores the goals. Whether you favour the strong home team to rack up a cricket score or expect the unfancied underdog to pull off a surprise, if you have bet on more than 2.5 goals in a game, then every goal scored is working in your favour until you get the required three goals you need. With the over 2.5 goals bet paid out as a winner as soon as a third goal is scored, regardless of the time elapsed on the clock in the match, winning on goals can often be pleasantly stress free if you pick the right games. Other matches will, by necessity, go right to the wire, ensuring you are cheering on both sides to score right up until the final whistle.


My Service

As a member of my service you can expect an average of about 18 soccer bets per month with the majority of the action concentrated over the weekend as one may expect. Midweek matches are however assessed in addition so anticipate a degree of midweek betting advice action in addition to at the weekends.

Based on a large sample of past bets that underpins the current methodology we have seen the following returns:

Number of bets: 641

Winners: 369

Strike Rate: 57.6%

Average odds (decimal) 1.92

Profit to £100 per point: £8908

POT % (advised stakes): 9.2%


A picture paints a thousand words as they say so here is a long term results chart
indicating the rise of total profits over time.

For fuller past results detail and spreadsheet see this page => Soccer Tip Results

I see no reason why future results here will not fall roughly into line with long term figures.
For people who are new to betting in particular, this combination of strong profits, easy to follow instructions and also a ratio where more bets will be winners than losers offers a good level of confidence.

Other services may claim more eye-catching profits but my experience of betting, and the experience of most long-term tipster followers, is that steady, stress-free, incremental profits are far superior to the roller coaster ride of highs and lows that following most betting services entails.

I consider myself to be both responsible and relatively risk averse. There are other styles of betting that promise better returns potentially, such as horse racing for example. However, the carrot of greater returns inevitably comes with the not insignificant stick of long losing runs (racing tipsters, even good ones, can typically rack up losing runs of 14, 15, even more selections between their not insubstantial winners). That is a style of betting that puts a strain on clients both financially (in terms of the required depth of their pockets) and also psychologically as the emotional toll of long losing runs of bets cannot be downplayed. Indeed, a lack of stamina for suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune is probably the main reason why many otherwise profitable and successful punters fail to stay the course indefinitely. With losing runs kept to a minimum, that is not much of an issue for my clients for whom the next winner is always just around the corner.

In this respect, I think my service is suitable for three main types of client:

1. People who are new to betting and would like a gentle and profitable introduction to what can be a lucrative hobby, a second income and in some cases a first income for some people.

2. Punters looking for a reliable and steady addition to their existing portfolio of betting tipsters and systems that they currently use.

3. Anyone who is looking for a tipster they can trust, someone whose qualities, mind set and style of betting are a little bit different to the disreputable stereotypes of this unfortunately macho industry. Other women and people new to betting will definitely get a lot from my service. Those longer in the tooth betting-wise will hopefully view it immediately for what it is - a refreshing antidote to the norm.

I won’t turn you into a millionaire overnight, but I am committed to working on your behalf to ensure the same returns I have enjoyed from my own betting. Whether your objectives are investing in betting for your future, subsidising an enjoyable hobby or winning you money you can put towards those dreamed of little luxuries or an annual holiday you’ve been looking forward to, there is a lot within this service that will work for you.

Really, what you get out of the Soccer Tip Service is really down to you, your attitude to risk and the objectives that you set yourself in terms of what you expect to get from your betting.


Do You Stop Betting When The English Premier League Is Over?


My maths and statistics are applicable to many leagues. During normal uk season time I do tend to concentrate on the English and European leagues. During the summer attention switches to other leagues such as the American MLS. The service runs 12 months a year.



Because you have no true feel for the service as yet, you are welcome to test me out initially for a small token fee of only
£1 for your first 14 days of membership. Then assuming you stay on, your investment for my soccer betting advice will be £35 per month using paypal's recurring billing.



I offer a very simple No Quibble Refund Guarantee. Just contact me within 10 days of your first or any subsequent monthly subscription payment and we will swiftly refund you if desired. There are no hoops or hurdles. Even if you win £500 on advised selections you can still claim a refund if you want it. I only want happy long term clients who are really pleased with the service.



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