Soccer Tip Over 2.5 Methodology Historic Results


This page details historic profits for our Over 2.5 Goals Methodology.
Key Data
Number of Bets 652
Winners 377
Strike Rate 57.8%
Average Odds (decimal ) 1.92
Profit to £100 per point £9,563
POT % ( advised stakes ) 9.8%
Simple Points Profit Chart
The chart below highlights profits betting at £100 per point advised.
The average points advised on each bet is about 1.5
A full breakdown of all historic bets is available in spreadsheet format
The download link below
This page was last updated on 24/09/14
We will update it often but not everyday
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       NB Results quoted here and in the spreadsheet is best envisaged as two stage in nature.
       Stage 1 is based on researched data when devising the over 2.5 goal methodology.
       Stage 2 is live testing ( since Nov 10th 2013 )
       So in short there is a significant amount of researched data followed up
       by a good period of live testing during which positive results continue.